Your WordPress Dashboard

by Drew Conroy

Posted on November 26, 2018

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This post is from our WordPress Beginner Tutorials Series on the WordPress Dashboard.

Today we are going to go over the WordPress Dashboard. To login to your WordPress Dashboard, enter in your website followed by wp dash admin ( into your browser’s address window. Remember, if you forget your password you can always click the “Lost your password” link. Once you are logged into your WordPress Dashboard you will see an overview of your websites back-end. The first box you may see at the top depending on when you are watching this, will feature the new Gutenberg editor that is coming with WordPress 5.0. This will become the default editor from 5.0 on.

They give you the option here of downloading the Gutenberg plugin and taking it for a test drive. If you’re not sure how compatible your current themes and plugins might be with it or your just not comfortable with it yet, that’s okay. You can install the plugin for Classic Editor and use it for as long as you want.

In upcoming posts and videos I will be going over both the Classic and Gutenberg editors. Then it will be up you to as to which one you want to use. The Welcome box below has some links to get you started if you wanted to mess around with it. You could write a blog post, add a page, view your site from the front end, manage your widgets or menus, turn comments off or on, or learn more in general about getting started. We will go over of all this and more in future videos. This video is meant for just an overview.

The next box down is “At a Glance” where you can see your totals for Posts, Pages and Comments. It also tells you which version of WordPress you are currently using and the Theme you have installed and activated.

The next “Activity” box gives you a little more information about your posts and comments. It shows the status of your comments and the most recent one. You also have options, as to what type of action you would like to take on those comments.

A magnified glass looking at audio and video sound waves

The “Quick Draft” can be great for jotting down post ideas or anything else.

When you save it, it saves as a post draft. The “WordPress News and Events” tells you the latest on what’s happening around WordPress. These boxes can be moved around anyway you like them. They can be added or removed by using the the “Screen Options” tab at the top.

Each of these boxes are called widgets. There are many plugins that will install dashboard widgets as part of their features. For instance, if you install a plugin for Google Analytics you will see a widget here on the dashboard from that.

On the top right hand side of the dashboard, with your cursor, highlight the “Howdy, your login”. That will bring up a drop-menu with some text links. There is “Your Login”, “edit My Profile” and “Log Out”. Your Login and edit My Profile go to the same place. Click either one and it will take you to your profile page.

Your Profile Page contains information about you and your account, along with some personal preferences related to using WordPress. Some of those options are changing your password, turning on keyboard shortcuts, changing the color scheme of your WordPress administration screen, and turning off the WYSIWYG which is short for “What You See Is What You Get” (Visual) editor. If you want, you can even hide the Toolbar from the front end of your site. Keep in mind it cannot be disabled on the admin screens.

You can choose the language you would like to use while using the WordPress administration screen.

This will not affect the language the site visitors see. Your username can’t ever be changed. But you can use the other fields to enter in a nickname or your real name. You can also change which name to display on your posts.

It is possible to log out of other devices, like your phone or a public computer, by clicking the Log Out Everywhere Else button. All of the Required fields are indicated and the rest are optional. Your Profile information will only be displayed if your theme is set up that way.

Always remember to click the Update Profile button when you are finished.

You can check out more tutorials at our YouTube Channel.

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