Chances are if you are reading this its because you think your website has been hacked.  As much as we like the business, we really hope that is not the case. You may be trying to be proactive and your looking around for preventative measures to take.  If you happen to come across this page and are only looking for information, you will want to check out our article “WordPress Malware Removal: Stay Vigilant!” . We go into Malware and Security. Its effects on WordPress and suggestions for staying safe. We also go over the top threats, what to look for, and the harm they can cause from their vindictive behavior. You can check it out here or use the link we placed above in the title of the article.

If you unfortunately need our WordPress Malware Removal Services please fill out the form below and submit your details. We will cleanse your website of Malware and get it back to its original state ASAP.  

* After you submit your details below the page will refresh with a message to confirm that your submission was completed. Once that is completed please click this link: https://webstop.net/credentials – we need to get some more information from you to start working on your website. 

Depending on your computers settings the link may not open. If that is the case, simply copy and paste it into your browsers address window and hit enter in your keyboard. As always, Submit a Ticket if you have any questions.

WordPress Malware Removal

WebStop.net is a WordPress Support Services Company. Currently, our services offerings consist of WordPress Maintenance, Fix WordPress Errors, WordPress Speed Optimization and WordPress Malware Removal.

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