WordPess Maintenance & Security: “Go Hand in Hand”

by Drew Conroy

Posted on August 19, 2018

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WordPress Maintenance & Security go hand in hand. In fact, Maintenance and Security are undoubtedly the two most important parts of a WordPress website. Without those two factors your website will not last to long. When you become lax in either Maintenance or Security, it will eventually come back to haunt you.

The following will give you a look at some of the tools we use. They are included in our WebStop.net WordPress Maintenance & Security Plans.

Security, Updates, and Backups are the three most important areas for WordPress Maintenance. WordPress is currently running over a quarter of all websites on the planet. For that reason alone, Security is the most important aspect of a WordPress website over anything else. WordPress Core updates will often contain performance enhancements, bug fixes, new features, and security updates. Those security updates will contain fixes for security vulnerabilities that hackers and web bots have breached. That is why keeping up with updates is so important.

For Plugins and Themes, it’s the same story. You need to stay on top of the updates, regardless if you are using free or premium plugins and themes. They are all vulnerable prime targets. Why? Because there are thousands of plugins and themes created by thousands of developers. They all do not use the same coding standards and practices which makes the perfect recipe for some security issues. Even some of the more popular plugins continue to have security problems.

You can look at it this way; if you do not feel like keeping up with the updates or just do not have the time, at least make sure you backup your website from time to time. When it eventually goes down and it will. You will thank yourself a million times over for having a clean copy to

WordPress Core, Plugin &Theme Updates

Updates are the difference between a healthy and unhealthy website. Which will lead to eventual problems.

There can’t be enough emphasis put on why updates are so crucial. Not only to the health but the security of your website. A common fear is if you update the core, plugins or theme’s. You may cause problems. Kind of like “If its not broke, don’t fix it.” By not performing the updates, you are leaving your website wide open to hackers. The potential for more problems by not doing any of the updates is much greater than not doing them.

Never worry about updating your WordPress core, themes or plugins again. Our Maintenance Plans will put those worries to rest. We take care of all your updates. If any problems occur during an update, we fix it. That is part of your plan.

WordPress Security

Security is our #1 objective and using WordPress security best practices. We combine those practices with the best WordPress security “Wordfence”.

WordPress is undoubtedly the leading content management system. That spotlight makes you the most sought-after target. In turn, your WordPress website is also in those crosshairs. You can take all the proper steps to make your site secure, but you still need more help. If you look at your login activity on your site. You will see several failed login attempts on a daily basis. We will continually monitor this activity and lock out any attempts to Brute-Force Attacks.

With the help of Wordfence’s Firewall, it will help keep you from being hacked by identifying malicious traffic. Then blocking attackers before they gain access to your website. The firewall is automatically updated around the clock to protect you from the latest threats.

WordPress Backups

Don’t be left holding your head wishing you would have backed up your website. Backups are that cyber insurance policy that you cannot afford to go without. All websites should always have at least one updated backup. The “I think we backed up our site a few months ago”, does not cut it. You know never what could happen.

We will back up your website and store in the cloud. In the event your website ever crashes, having an updated backup will make life a lot easier. We can perform backups monthly, weekly, daily or multiple times daily. You can choose the site backup frequency depending on the plan you select.

WordPress Database Optimization

Your database tables will be optimized for optimum performance. We will remove access revisions for posts and pages, clean all auto-draft & trashed posts. Remove spam, unapproved and trashed comments. We will keep your database cleaned out and free of excess files. A bloated database will drag your site down.

We will also secure your database from XSS and SQL injection vulnerabilities attacks. Even after many years, they remain as one of the most dangerous vulnerabilities.

WordPress Help & Support

We take WordPress Support very seriously, having been on the receiving end of it ourselves. You are in a situation where your website is having some issues and you need them fixed. You are all stressed out because your revenue stream is on the line. Been there, done that.

Any website that goes offline is immediately moved to the top of the priority list. We will never leave anyone hanging. Remember, there will always be a backup that can be loaded right away. If you need support we can be contacted by opening a Support Ticket, Chat or Email.

Broken Links Fix

We will perform frequent scans on your website. The scan will check for any links sending visitors to suspicious content or broken linked pages. From that point, we will add a 301 redirect and point the link where you want it to go. We can monitor posts, pages, comments, blogroll, and custom fields. This keeps from having the search engines following bad links. Which is bad for SEO.

0s and 1s with a magnify glass revealing 'password'


Using a firewall such as WordFence is one of the best ways to keep hackers out. This includes effective blocking options to keep suspicious traffic from getting to close to your website.

A common form of an attack is the Brute Force Attack. It is literally a barrage of nonstop attacks. These attacks are repeated over and over hundreds and thousands of times.

The sole purpose is to guess your username and password to gain access to your WordPress admin. These attacks are often driven by automated bots which are just programs. Using the firewall will allow you to limit the amount of login attempts that your site allows, blocking those users. The repeat offenders will be added to a list and will be stopped immediately from that point on.

Another type of attack is the DDoS which stands for Distributed Denial of Service. A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is a computer attack that will use several hosts to engulf a server. This will cause your website to completely crash. This type of DDoS attack is motivated by hackers who want to hit large scale popular websites. The objective is to temporarily or permanently disable the website.

Again, those are some of the tools we use from our toolbox. You can check out our plans here.

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