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by Drew Conroy

Posted on August 19, 2018

wordpress logo is a WordPress Support Services Company based in North Central Massachusetts, about an hour outside of Boston. However, our services provide support for businesses, blogs and personal websites as far as the Internet can reach.

We offer three different Maintenance Plans. The Essentials Plan covers the basics to keep your website updated, backed-up with security monitoring. Next, is the Safeguard Plan, it includes the Essentials Plan PLUS adds more layers of security to help protect your website from hackers. Then we have our Velocity Plan which is our most popular plan. We will super-charge your website for speed. Showing you the before and after tests. Velocity includes BOTH the Essentials & Safeguard Plans.

Our Maintenance Plans come with detailed reports.

Every Maintenance Plan includes a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee from your initial signup. There are No Contracts and you can Cancel at any time.

If you have any questions we do offer a free no obligation consultation. We will meet with anyone in New England that is within a reasonable distance that works for both of us. Again, we are in North Central Massachusetts about an hour west of Boston. Otherwise, we can do the consult over the phone.

There may be times when you come across error messages or your website does not seem to be working correctly. Our Fix WordPress Errors service where we can take on any problem and get it fixed. If you think your website might be the victim of a Malware attack. We provide a WordPress Malware Removal Service where we cleanse your website of Malware. We do not just cleanse your website of Malware but find out how it got in. From there we can assist you with taking care of that vulnerability.

The foundation of is built on being Reliable, Driven and Optimistic. You see more and more new startup businesses using online storefronts compared to having a brick and mortar presence. New online businesses have low startup costs and there is much less risk involved. Not to mention, you can be open 24/7. To be Reliable you have to be consistent. We feel any WordPress Support Services needs to consistently provide a high level of service when you are taking care of someone else’s business or any website for that matter.

We are Driven to stay current and up to speed as WordPress continues to evolve.

That includes any associated technologies and new threats as the target on WordPress keeps getting bigger. WordPress currently occupies just over 30% of the Internet. That translates to over 80 million websites.

It can be hard to stay Optimistic when you are seeing errors or malware has taken control over your website. These situations will most likely happen to every WordPress user at some point. That is the unfortunate reality with using the WordPress platform. A sobering statistic that has been floating around the Internet and most recently viewed in an article by Aditya Singh on Medium

“Hackers attack WordPress sites both big and small, with over 90,978 attacks happening per minute.” As you can see with odds like that your chances are pretty good that you will experience an attack. This has nothing to do with WordPress not being secure, in fact, it’s very secure.

The #1 entry point for hackers is through outdated plugins that expose vulnerabilities.

Developers are always looking out for these vulnerabilities in their plugins. When they find one or if it has already been exposed by a hacker, they fix it. Then send it out in an update. Unfortunately, this fix will not work if you do not update the plugin.

support and maintenance with a wrench and the wordpress logo

If the WordPress Core update stats are any indication, you can see why so many WordPress websites get hacked. Only 22% of WordPress websites are updated to latest current version. (Thank you Karol K. from Code in WP for the stat) By simply keeping your WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes updated, you will take care of many of the vulnerabilities that hackers would otherwise exploit. You might be thinking “That’s easy, no problem” and you would be correct, it is very easy. But as you can see, it is not getting done. You can feel optimistic knowing that using anyone of our maintenance plans, all updates are taken care of as they show up in your dashboard.

Another problem, as if we have not pointed out enough already. This can be an issue with any type of update and often a reason why users avoid updates. Many WordPress users are afraid if they update their website it could break it.

The truth is there are times where problems will arise from updating the Core, Plugins or even Theme’s. Many people do not know how to fix these problems if they happen. So, they think the lesser of two evils is to abstain from any updates. Again, you can feel optimistic knowing that our maintenance plans not only include the updates but if there are any problems we will take care it as part of any of our Maintenance Plans. Some WordPress Services will charge you to trouble shoot and fix any problems as the result of updates.

Always remember, before performing any updates you should always backup your entire website. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.  All WordPress questions are welcome regardless if you use our services or not. We are always up for talking Shop.

Check out our WordPress Beginner Tutorials Series on our YouTube Channel.

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