If you have a WordPress website for your business, you will need some type of support sooner or later. Having WordPress Support Services in place is essential to having a consistently smooth-running website. We provide an array of WordPress Support Services. Maintenance: keeping your website healthy and secure. Malware Removal: we will tackle anything a hacker may inject into your website. WordPress Support: for troubleshooting and fixing problems. Speed: our Velocity Plan is all about fine tuning your website for blazing fast speeds.

We take on the daily mundane tasks and issues, so you do not have too.


All websites need continuous maintenance. Unfortunately, it is not realized until something goes wrong, costing your business money, time and added stress. Website Maintenance is one of those things that people tend to put on the back shelf. Unfortunately, many people do not get to it before something happens like their website going down. Get to it before it’s too late!


Are you seeing the “The White Screen of Death”? Maybe a 500 Internal Server Error? Or a Error Establishing a Database Connection? WordPress errors can be big pain in the you know what? Especially when your business in on the line. No matter what your problem is, we can fix it!


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OH $h*! my website has been HACKED! If you are victim of any type of Hack, we can help! We will not just clean out your site. Rather, we will do a security analysis and advise you how to reinforce your security measures. You may have been hacked once but let’s make sure it does not happen again.

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Some business owners will regard having a website for their business as an extension of their brick and mortar storefront. That web presence draws in additional revenue that is sometimes needed to keep a business going. It’s no big secret that digital sales save time and labor. However, for many businesses, that website is their storefront and the backbone of their entire business.Imagine this scenario for a minute; It’s been about a year since you had a website created for your brick and mortar business. Online sales are picking up and your customer’s really like the fact they can still shop at your store without having to leave their house. You also like the fact that you can show more of your product line. The sky is really the limit. Then, you get a phone call from a customer. They were in the middle of making a purchase on your website and the screen turned white. It’s the “White Screen of Death”. By the way, it just happens to be a new customer. We all like new customers.

After some searching, you find a company to take care of the problem. ( of course) But who knows how many potential customers you lost not to mention revenue? Unfortunately, this scenario happens more often than you think. That is to be expected when only about 40% of WordPress websites are currently up to date. Keeping your website updated is one of several ways to keep your website running fast, staying online, and malware free. There is this misconstrued impression that once a website has been built, and you get it online, that’s it. After your WordPress website is built it needs to be cared for like you would with a car or house.

Many of the problems encountered can often be avoided by continuous WordPress Maintenance. In fact, all websites, not just WordPress, need continual maintenance. Once a website is built that is just the first step of a never-ending process. A neglected WordPress website without frequent maintenance is a disaster waiting to happen. That isn’t an “if” it will happen but a matter of WHEN.

Keeping up with the Maintenance can often be very time-consuming. As we all know, time is a commodity, and there is never enough of it at the end of the day. Never the less, the maintenance tasks must be addressed.

Our WordPress Maintenance Plans cover all the essentials to keep your WordPress website running smoothly and secure. is a WordPress Support Services Company. Currently, our services offerings consist of WordPress Maintenance, Fix WordPress Errors, WordPress Speed Optimization and WordPress Malware Removal. Postcard -> Get Yours!

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