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WordPress Support

When you have questions or problems that need to be addressed with your website. You can count on us to help you anyway we can. Having WordPress Support available can save you from long down times in the event your website goes offline. You can leave the problem solving and tech debugging to us. Having an proactive approach helps me take care of the problems when they happen and midigate any forseen in the future. I will take the necessary steps to keep your website running at optimal performance 24/7.

WordPress Maintenance & Security

WordPress Maintenance and Security go hand in hand. Covering everything from the basics to advanced. Daily updates, frequent backups, tight security, and Uptime Montoring of your webiste around the clock. We provide Brute Force and Firewall Protection along with other methods to help protect against hackers. Nothing is ever 100% safe, but I still strive for it. No more worries, your website will be well taken of.

WordPress Web Design & Development

I build responsive, mobile friendly websites. Specializing in WordPress the worlds number #1 content management system. I will work with you to deliver a website that fits your business, your blog or that website you have just for fun. My focus is to provide you with a professional looking web presence at an affordable price.

Fix WordPress Errors

Are you seeing errors on your screen? You may see no errors because you are looking at a white screen. Otherwise, known as the “White Screen of Death”. As ominous as it may sound, it can be fixed. No matter what WordPress Errors you are seeing with your website, I can fix them. The process of fixing errors from a website can sometimes be rather lengthy and drawn out. From truobleshooting to resultion we got your back. After all, you have enough to worry about without dealing with issues when it comes to your website.

WordPress Malware Removal

When it comes to Malware Removal I will tackle anything a hacker may inject into your website. There is a chance that if you are reading this its because you think your website has been hacked. As much as we like the business, we really hope that is not the case. You may be trying to be proactive and your looking around for preventative measures to take. If you happen to come across this page and are only looking for information, you will want to check out our article “WordPress Malware Removal: Stay Vigilant!”. I go into Malware and Security, its effects on WordPress, and suggestions for staying safe. We also go over the top threats, what to look for, and the harm they can cause from their vindictive behavior. If you do need immediate Malware Removal help, you have landing your cursor in the right place!

WordPress Speed

It has been determined that speed is a major factor when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your website loads in more than 3 seconds. The Velocity Plan will super charge your website for speed. Showing you the before and after tests. Velocity includes BOTH the Essentials & Safeguard Plans. Speed: our Velocity Plan is all about fine tuning your website for blazing fast speeds.The Velocity Plan is our most popular plan. It will super charge your website for speed. Showing you the before and after tests. Velocity includes BOTH the Essentials & Safeguard Plans

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The Story Behind

project image

Greetings! I am Drew the creator of was launched in the Fall of 2018 and based in north central Massachusetts about an hour from Boston. Allthough the business is new, I am not new to WordPress & Web Development. I can provide WordPress Support Services as far as the Internet reach. On a local level, the positive side is I can meet with clients more frequently throughout New England. Versus online chats, ticket support, phone and even video conferencing. Technology has helped all of us in many ways. From the way we communicate, being able to speak and see people from anywhere in the world in real time. All in the matter of seconds.

In healthcare, surgeries are now less evasive, and patients can often leave the hospital the same day they have surgery. Multitasking is now a breeze being able to automate many common tasks. We can get more done in less time. That is just a spec of what technology has done for us. is a small company which allows for personalized service. As much as technology has added so many positives to our daily lives, there is an under lying down side. The lack of the “Human Factor”. More...

I feel by remaining a small company I can provide much better quality of professional services. If a live chat or even a phone call gets dropped, you do not have to worry about having to start all over again. Explaining why you are contacting us alover again to a new customer service represented. Not to mention, if there was a wait to begin with, it’s the back of the line now.

One thing technology will never be able to replace is “The Human Element”.

Which brings me to our our slogan “Your WordPress Support System Powered By Humans”. I love technology and find A.I. (artificial intelligence) fascinating and exciting. In fact, I spent a good amount of time on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP (natural language processing) which are subsets of A.I. I will be revisiting that again for a project in the future.

I do not believe in putting people on hold and wasting your time. If I can not answer your call you will be prompted to leave a message. I will get back to you that same day (if your call originated during business hours). You will not have to explain everything again regardless if it’s a dropped phone call or live chat. Everyone here is kept in the loop.

When you hire us you are entrusting us with your website. For many of us, it is not just a website but its your business. Let’s say its 6:55PM just about closing time. You contact me by by submitting a Contact Form. You happen to have an eCommerce/WooCommerce website and your business is running a sale that is attracting several customers. You are racking up some sales when your credit card processing “dies” + .

About me... I guess you could say I am a code slinger, an imperfect perfectionist, and a recovering Catholic. I love to travel and hope to add space to my travels one day. I am OCD, DCI, GTT, YYZ, OMG, BFD (Just kidding!) Don’t you hate it when people use abbreviations? Especially when you have no idea what it means? It does not matter how popular you think it is or if it’s trending at that moment in time. If you use abbreviations, please explain at least once (only once) the meaning of those abbreviations in your content.

Anyway, when it comes to writing about oneself, I am not a big fan of it. But you need to know there are real people behind this website. This is how I found my way to working with WordPress and some of my background. It’s not the most exciting story but it’s my story…

I was 14 when I started my DJ career doing local school dances. The following year at 15 I was working the graveyard shift on the weekends at a radio station. Little did I know this was the beginning of a 23-year career as a DJ. It would take me across the US, along with Canada and Mexico. From airline hangers to boats to the top of skyscrapers. If my gear could make it, I was there doing my thing.

Some of the people and companies I have worked with: Coca-Cola, AT&T, Bank of America, L’Oréal, Lowe’s (Mr. Lowes daughter’s Wedding), Deloitte & Touche, John Deere, The Academy Awards party for the movie “Pulp Fiction” at Chasens in West Hollywood California in 1995, ABC Studious “Grace Under Fire” sitcom. It was fun run but moving along…

I think I bought my first computer around 92’. Not to long after that in ’95 was when the internet really began booming into the mainstream. Once I hit the Internet, there was no looking back. I was immediately infatuated with it. The following year I built my first website and that happened to be for my Mobile DJ Business. Looking back, it was very primitive.

The DJ thing was rolling along nicely but I was still really drawn to the internet. I was becoming a cyber archeologist digging into how it all worked. This was about when SEO (search engine optimization) officially began and I was on it. I remember studying search engines to the likes of Excite, Lycos, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves and Yahoo. Then there was this new search engine that came along. It has this funny name called “Google”. We all know how that turned out. From the beginning, I knew the DJ business was not my life’s ultimate career goal. It was just a matter time before I could see the direction.

In the meantime, these new directories in my industry were showing up online. The directories would list professionals in the Wedding and Event Industry. The listings would include their contact details and link to their website if they had one. You could use these directories to search for professionals in your local area. Then narrow it down from there depending on what services you needed.

If you worked in that industry and wanted to be listed, you could list your company for free. The down side was, the more listings the directory accrued, your listing would get pushed father down on the page. However, if you upgraded to a paid listing that would not happen. Having your listing on top would attract more click-throughs for your listing. See where this is going?

Companies were flocking to these directories for two reasons: they would see their competitors listed, and some of these directories were showing up on the first page in the SERPs (search engine results page).

Then one day, kind of by accident, I found out one of these directories was owned by a professional in my industry. It was someone who I had met before. We were both working different events at the same location when we met. At the same time, I discovered this, my website for the DJ Business was also occupying the SERPs. It could be seen in all the search engines, among the top three spots. This was for a variety keywords and Long Tail (three and four keyword phrases long).

As much as I would like to say I had this big revelation that was not the case. I thought “I could I do that. Why not create my own directory?”, and that was it. From that point, I began doing the ground work to create my own directory. After months of planning I launched the directory in 2003. Ironically, that is when WordPress came on to the scene. But I would not start using WordPress until a few years later.

Like the others, I stuck to what I knew, which was the Wedding and Event Industry. The directory had a great run that lasted almost 12 years.

The experience I got during those years was invaluable. You see, I knew exactly how I wanted the directory to look, the navigation, functionality, and work flow. But I could not make that happen by myself. I had to hire a developer/designer to create the directory.

Having never went down that road before, there were several changes especially in the beginning. Keeping the same developer for more than one project was not always possible. There are some very good developers and there are very bad ones. As much as I hate to say it, from my experience, there are more bad then good. That experience has me pushed me to consistantly try and be a better developer. You can always learn somethingnew from every situation. No matter how boring it may seem at the time.

At one point I felt like I was hiring developers just to clean up the mess from the one before them. Either the code did not work like it was supposed to or some of them never finished the job. Looking back, this was part of the learning experience, but I would not make the same choices today – That’s for sure!

You know the saying, if you want something done or done right you have to do it yourself? That’s exactly what I did. I dove into the website and tried to make sense out of the code, markup and css. I was “learning by doing”. Stack Overflow sure would have come in handy back in the day.

Anyway, I did a massive amount of reading, and a ton of tutorials. Not to mention, an absorbent amount of “trial & error”. Which I quickly learned at the time, that is just part of being a developer. Regardless, if you are a novice, pro or somewhere in between. You will always be doing some troubleshooting. WordPress is open source with thousands of different developers contributing to it with plugins and themes. You are bound to have a few troubleshooting opportunities. That is very much an understatement to say the least.

I did go back to school to hone my skills. When I wasn’t doing school work, I pursued a variety of different programming languages and technologies. During a 4-year span I often found myself overdosing on information overload. Despite the frequent overdoses, and my eyeballs buldging out of my head. I really enjoyed that time and continue enjoy learning.

I ended up sticking with WordPress which is written in PHP. In case you are not familiar with PHP, it stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and currently powers a little over 80% of the Internet.

As a developer, you either love PHP or you hate it. I will save you from going into why some developers loath PHP as they foam from the mouth whenever it’s mentioned. It’s a very popular language. So, it only stands to reason that the percentage of bad programmers would be much higher than other less popular languages.

For me, I know that WordPress is a big part of the reason for sticking with PHP. I think with anything you use over a longer period time, it becomes very comfortable like an old pair of jeans. However, I will always be exploring different languages and technologies. You can always learn something new to add to your toolbox. In fact, I have had this itch to learn Golang which is referred to as “Go”. It’s Google spawn that was created about 11 years ago. The more I read and hear about it the more enticing it gets.

Well, that’s my story… and I see I continue to be long winded as usual. Blah, blah, blah and so on…

Thanks for taking the time to read my story.

Drew Conroy

WordPress Maintenance, the consequences of going without...

Some business owners will regard having a website for their business as an extension of their brick and mortar storefront. That web presence draws in additional revenue that is sometimes needed to keep a business going. It’s no big secret that digital sales save time and labor.

However, for many businesses, that website is their storefront and the backbone of their entire business.Imagine this scenario for a minute; It’s been about a year since you had a website created for your brick and mortar business. Online sales are picking up and your customer’s really like the fact they can still shop at your store without having to leave their house. You also like the fact that you can show more of your product line. The sky is really the limit. Then, you get a phone call from a customer. They were in the middle of making a purchase on your website and the screen turned white. It’s the “White Screen of Death”. By the way, it just happens to be a new customer. We all like new customers. After some searching, you find a company to take care of the problem. ( of course) But who knows how many potential customers you lost not to mention revenue? Unfortunately, this scenario happens more often than you think. That is to be expected when only about 40% of WordPress websites are currently up to date. Keeping your website updated is one of several ways to keep your website running fast, staying online, and malware free. There is this misconstrued impression that once a website has been built, and you get it online, that’s it. After your WordPress website is built it needs to be cared for like you would with a car or house.

Many of the problems encountered can often be avoided by continuous WordPress Maintenance. In fact, all websites, not just WordPress, need continual maintenance. Once a website is built that is just the first step of a never-ending process. A neglected WordPress website without frequent maintenance is a disaster waiting to happen. That isn’t an “if” it will happen but a matter of WHEN.

Keeping up with the Maintenance can often be very time-consuming. As we all know, time is a commodity, and there is never enough of it at the end of the day. Never the less, the maintenance tasks must be addressed.

Our WordPress Maintenance Plans cover all the essentials to keep your WordPress website running smoothly and secure.


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